X-ray spex

My back decided a while ago to turn into a natural disaster area. Like it´s pay back time for being tall or something. I like walking or lying down but sitting is just not that comfortable as of lately. Finally after seeing a chiropractor a few times which did me no good I went to the doctor who imediately sent me to get X-rays of my back. I was shipped to the emergency X-ray room at a nearby hospital.

And here´s my question. Why do people who hate their jobs and lives decide to stay at their jobs? Try and do something else or something about it. Honestly. Yes, I know it´s easier said than done perhaps, but still. I don´t need to hear about how awful it is that I show up at an emergency facilitity when I need to have 20/30 X-rays taken. And after that rant she went on about how my back was crooked, long and difficult to X-ray, at which point I lost it a bit and looked up at her prune face and said. Look, I´m here because I am in great pain. Maybe her mission is to get revenge. Revenge because her life sucks and therefore every one elses should too? I dunno.

A few nights earlier I had watched this guy talk about how you should leave bad energy where it´s at and not take it in. It was not like he brought any real news around but he delivered them in a newish way. Strange dude but very cool. I almost succeeded in leaving the bad energy with prunella at the X-raiser.

Last night I had tickets to go see Bajofondo. It took some effort but it was worth it. Their albums are good but live they´re magnificent. Catch their show if you can. You should have catched mine going there, my friends tells me I moved with dignity in a Lurch kind of way.

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