WordPress 2.5 upgrade and stuff

buddha with shadows

I just upgraded WordPress to 2.5 and it went well. No mishaps. Go me! The interface is much better to work with but the colors are vicious. Things are screaming baby blue with a dash of pink and grey. What´s with that? It´ll be fun to get into this, I´m more reluctant about blogging than actual interface design, not sure if I have anything to say really. But, Hey, that´s not too important all the time, is it :-)

Been dealing a lot with carpenters and electricians and such lately and a lot of these people are sooo good at what they do but some of them leaves me feeling I should educate them some. Why is it that because times are still good here and there´s a shortage of good craftsmen that some of them feel the need to become total assholes? Seriously! If you don´t really know what you talk about taking an asshole stance is kind of degrading. I try to be humble and polite but that doesn´t mean my face was meant to sit on. Do not go bonkers with the quotations, there might come a day when jobs will be harder to find and having happy customers will help. It´s also easier to double your quotations if you are the best rather than using terms that don´t exist in the real world in order to appear smart. Just proofs you´re up shit creek. I´m just saying.

Am residing at Värmdö tonite. Tomorrow morning a cabinet is arriving. It´s quiet, I´m all alone and it´s soothing. Just like the buddha figure above or Bart as a preacher on TV in the background :-)

Edit. Dammit, I sound like an angry whiny bitch all the time. Bribes in the pipeline for anyone who says I don´t.

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