Site update and travel memories


After much mocking around (I still feel stupid whenever I´m about to do something with code) I added more pages to 6ft5. I´m using this template to get some consistency in what I´m doing and the overall look.

Now I try to find out how WordPress will allow me to link to external pages in the header (right now it seems impossible) and that sort of breaks the navigation if you´re coming from 6ft5 to the blog (and vice versa). There´s always something, isn´t it? I could make pages and link to them in the header but I want a webpage that stands on its own feet and have the blog as a complement. More to come…

The idea is to have a place to show some of my photos and perhaps attract a client or two.

The picture above is from Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was there at christmas time and among other things I visited Kids Future who´s an organization who on a volunteer basis helps kids in need. Thailand has a lot of kids with no parents due to the AIDS-crisis. These people are amazing, raising money, building schools and are constantly coming up with ideas to help people in northern Thailand.

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