Palm Treo 680 I´m divorcing you now!

Pam Treo 680

Dear Palm Inc.

I hereby let you know that I´m ending our relationship here and now. I have been a tolerant and devoted spouse for many years using different Palm gadgets but it´s all over now.

The reason for the break up is that you don´t understand me or fulfil my needs anymore. It all began last year when I decided to buy myself a Palm Treo 680 to be able to gain control over my busy schedule. Everything was fine in the beginning, the screen was colorful, the calendar was excellent and calls and textmessages were a bliss. It was in fact so good that I bought another one for my coworker. Sad thing was that his wasn´t working upon arrival. The company who sold it told me that you my trustworthy supplier didn´t accept dead on arrivals and that it had to be shipped for service. It came back and the problems persisted, my colleague got so annoyed that he simply bought another phone (he got himself a Nokia and lives happily ever after).

Being the faithful spouse that I am I stuck by you and wouldn´t hear of no spells on your moodswings. Until my phone started acting up too that is. Suddenly you wouldn´t sync with my computer properly, documents, messages and calls were missed. You decided to be offline but acting as if online and thereby causing unnecessary grief when business appointments were missed etc.

I blamed Missing Sync and rebooted you, installed everything on a pc, but to no avail. You were not trustworthy anymore. While traveling you went totally unreliable and you wouldn´t even aknowledge my subtle touches on your screen and off and on you decided that switching off was the only option when I tried to answer or make calls.

Back home I called your support who were obnoxious to say the least. I was told that he had a Treo 680 and it was magnificent and told me to reboot my phone. Then the call got canceled somehow. It made me feel like your support team felt that I truly sucked and you couldn´t care less about my two malfunctioning phones.

So I called the supplier who sold me both phones who sad that they couldn´t help me and that I should contact Palm support. Hooray, I get to speak to someone rude again. Actually the support called me back before I got a chance to call back, perhaps because I gave them an honestly and shitty review of their services.

The support guy told me we had to hurry because he had more important customers waiting on the line and I didn´t get any help beyond what I had already tried myself. another call with someone who obviously didn´t care to solve my problems. The shop won´t help me properly and neither do you.

I get truly angry over not being an important enough customer with only two phones that doesn´t work. At the same time I envy a company that can afford to ignore their customers like that. It must imply that you´re doing great. If so, it makes me less guitly for ending our relationship here and now. I´m back at using my Sony Ericsson phone while awaiting the iPhone to arrive here in Sweden or maybe I too shall switch to Nokia since they seem to deliver working gadgets. I dunno.

All I know is that nowadays you guys at Palm truly suck!

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