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Musical inspiration 2023 releases part (something 1 )

Samizdat – Disenfranchised Refuseniks

Michael J Blood and Samizdat collaborates on this double vinyl called “Disenfranchised Refuseniks”

Honeyed and screwed, this one carries thru a long tradition of spiky, anti-establishment expression, augmented by MJB’s genius production and Samizdat’s blunted – almost slurred – vocal delivery; mystical, itchy and red-eyed. The duo embody a deviant aesthetic, but guide you thru their narcotic vapours with ease. Like some screwed Ugly Edit, it’s all slow, clipped and hazed to fuck, pitched, and extended, all abrupt endings and no-starts, just over an hour of the special stuff. // Boomkat

Jake Muir – Bathouse Blues

Bathhouse Blues is split into two side-long pieces that wash and ripple with nervous tension and discreet salaciousness. Opening with a familiar theatre sting, there are echoes here of kosmische and experimental electronics on ‘Cruisin’ 87’, fashioned into puddles of syrupy, back-room ambience. Occasionally we hear lascivious words thru the fog, men mumbling to each other before sex. “That’s beautiful,” a voice mutters over a dusky cricket chirp on ‘Pipe Dream’. “It is,” another replies. // Boomkat

Jake Muir - Bath house blues

two of my absolute favorite releases this year!



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