Göteborg city of ever changing weather

I got on the train on wednesday to meet with Dave and to have an impromptu business meeting with a client. The meeting went smoothly and was over in a jif. Meeting Dave was even easier! We walked around Göteborg for a couple of hours and rejoined later for dinner at Hard Rock Café. I hadn´t been to one since a weird experience in Bahrain maybe ten years ago. It was better than I thought.

I stayed at Hotel G which is located very conveniently above the train station. The room was oddly quiet considering its location! Good spot with a nice breakfast buffet.

It´s time for the paparazzi moment. We had the staff at the hotel help us take our picture. Two of them at the same time were working the cameras. It´s now official, I look like a complete dork. I blame the fact that my back was killing me badly and that I´m obviously a lost cause at all the Scandinavian plastic surgeons! That´s why I´ll remain behind the camera for most of the time! My mom still approves of my mug though! Hehe.

Above picture was taken from the train going back home. As you can see Dave, swedish train windows unlike Norwegian ones are clean! :-)

It was a great turn around in Gothenburg. Everyone who is a friend of Dave is a lucky person. His great spirits and talents is great to be around! I was thinking about stealing his identity and move to the US and be the owner of an iPhone but I behaved in the end.

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