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YMO “Theme from the invaders”

1979 I was in London and I was 12 years old. I was supposed to stay a week outside London at friends of my dad. But first a few days in the city! I was all wound up about being there for the first time. Met up with a friend of a friend, she was older and much cooler. I remember looking up to her for her urbane style. We had lunch at Burger King or something equal, it was pretty tasteless with lukewarm, soggy fries and an not exactly chilled milkshake but who cared. I was in London!

We went looking for a record store. She wanted to buy something with Japan, being obsessed over David Sylvian and his hair. Off Carnaby Street, if I remember right, we found a second hand record store that was basically in a wooden shack. I had not heard of Yellow Magic Orchestra and never seen colored vinyl at that time. I just had to get it. The impact it would make on friends when I got home! I think it became a huge hit 1980 but even though I am a fan of both YMO and Ruichi Sakamoto I´m not sure I´m all that crazy about this. It´s a fond memory though.



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