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An old beauty

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12 Responses to Volvo

  1. The car of which Carl Gustav???? :D

  2. great shot, wonderful car. I bet this would be worth some money if it was done up.

  3. +john williams Thanks. Yes, the ones in good condition are becoming rare

  4. I'd really like one. I've had three Saab 95/96 series in the. Look like a VW beetle on steroids. Matt yellow and matt brown, with a column gear change and heated seats. Fantastic car. Haven't seen one for years. You would they would be collectible classics, perhaps they are, but I never see any. They were quite popular in the UK when they were current.

  5. +john williams those Saabs were really cool. Saab came up with a lot of inventions back in the day! Now they´re not doing too good I´m afraid :(

  6. No, it's tragic. They were/are an innovative marque. Last few years though the big Saabs have been basically Vauxhall Vectra's (or the Opal equivalent) with Ikea interiors. Last I heard they had gone out of business. Has somebody bought them?

  7. +john williams SAAB is no more. Just SAAB Auto parts. It's been a long story

  8. I'm sorry to hear that, they were an iconic brand. I think they had lost their innovative spark during their period under General Motors ownership, but so had some iconic British marques, (I'm thinking Jaguar and Aston Martin, and a couple of divisions of the old Rover company) They're now under Indian and German companies, but they have gone back up market and are thriving world wide as luxury cars. The same thing should have happened to SAAB. Back to quirky design and top rate engineering. I suppose it could still happen. BMW bought the Mini from Rover, whereas I believe Tata of India back Range Rover. Let's hope:)

  9. SAAB was always cool but in all honesty when you saw a new car by the roadside waiting for a tow truck 9 out of 10 times it was a SAAB. They didn´t seem to keep the good quality in later years.

    I have a Mini Cooper and loving it :)

  10. I agree, I think the last good car they made was the 99 series, with the jutting out rubber bumper at the front. I'd love a Cooper S, very nice car:)

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