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A diptych between me and talented +Margot M 
My image on top, her below.

Link to +Margot M ´s image

Margot has a serie called London Street in Colour. My image also happens to be taken in London!

Thank you for being kind and agreeing to collaborating +Margot M 
#randomencounter #diptych

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9 Responses to Vertigo

  1. Crina Prida says:

    Wow you made my day! Excellent in every detail…

  2. Margot M says:

    Oh this is great +Goran Arvidson!
    I love the colour and motion and so cool both were taken in London!
    Thanks so much for this collaboration!

  3. Kim Smith says:

    and love the title! great pairing.

  4. +Margot M Glad you approve :) Thanks!

  5. Heiko Mahr says:

    Somehow it express that we feel on somedays now whole ;-)

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