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Transformers prevents guy from frequent flyer mileage

Some guy named Brad were not allowed to fly with British Airways because he was wearing a T-shirt with a Transformers Robot print on it. Security at Heathrow said it was against regulations to board a plane wearing a weapon, even though the weapon being a cartoonish print on a T-shirt. Brad ended up getting another shirt because he didn´t want to miss his business appointment in Germany.

It does feel a bit like Aprils 1st? Right!

I think Kleerup has made a good summer soundtrack. He lets Titiyo sing on Longing for Lullabies. Her voice sounds like it´s about to burst because she sings too high but manages to pull it off. Sweet and fragile.

I went to the dentist today. Why is it that every time you need anaesthesia it doesn´t work and you moan like a little bitch and then when you´re done the anaesthesia sets in and the rest of the afternoon your chin droops and little bubbles of drool forms from the corner of your mouth? I plan on doing like Clark Gable did and have all my teeth replaced with plastic ones.

Please tell me that there´s a 3G iPhone coming on june 9th and that Sweden will sell them pronto. My cell phone is the shits.

5 Responses
  • Kevin Spencer
    June 2, 2008

    I had a filling replaced last week and the same thing happened to me too. For hours afterwards I was a drooling fool as I didn’t realize my mouth wasn’t completely closed. Good times indeed ;-)

  • Belinda
    June 2, 2008

    Seriously? They look at what you’re WEARING? How does that even affect security, even if it had been a depiction of a firing machine-gun?

  • Dave2
    June 3, 2008

    I loves my iPhone… but I would loves an iPhone with REAL GPS better. :-)

  • 6ft5
    June 3, 2008

    Kevin. Drooling fools. A preparation for retirement home days?

    Belina. It was a weird weird article. unfortunately it was in Swedish. B.A. claimed that anything with a gun could be offensive and that was that.

    Dave A real GPS would be awesome! But I´d settle for one without it if it comes fast!

  • Jenny
    June 3, 2008

    Men serru då ska du byta tandläkare – där jag går har de en annan sorts bedövning som man inte BLIR sådär “förlamad” i ansiktet av, man ser helt normal ut, dreglar inte och kan dricka sitt kaffe fem minuter efter avslutad behandling utan att det är hål i läppen och allt hamnar i knät. För mig var det en stor grej – inte själva kaffet kanske, även om jag nu är besatt av kaffe – just att inte behöva gå omkring hela dagen och se ut som “hej-jag-har-varit-hos-käftis-och-lagat-hål”… Nåt psykologiskt krafs, gissar jag.

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