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Touring Scotland

Black Adder Whiskey

I came home from Edinburgh, Scotland last night. Scotland was/is a fantastic place. It was my first visit there. We came to Aberdeen last thursday and traveled around by car. Visited Talisker brewery at Skye among other places. Monday afternoon we rolled into Edinburgh which was a fantastic city! I really want to go back. Soon.

It was an experiment in online withdrawal. I didn´t bring a computer this time, just my iPod Touch. There wasn´t all that many places that had wireless access so I ended up not being online more than for about half hour at Cameron House. Probably the coolest Hotel I´ve stayed at. It was ok to be without the interwebs, I survived but that was just because of all the irl impressions. :-)

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3 Responses to Touring Scotland

  1. I went to Edinburgh a couple of years ago and had an excellent time. I’d love to go back some time.

  2. 6ft5 says:

    Kevin. I thought people were real friendly there and the scenery throughout Scotland was amazing. Not to mention the Single Malts. :-)

  3. Dave2 says:

    My jealousy is beyond measure. I love Edinburgh!

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