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Socialprint studio makes great prints from your instagram flow

I play around a lot with the camera in my iPhone. It´s always with me and it´s a good way to keep the “photographic eye” alert even when you really are busy doing other stuff. Like work. Waiting for a meeting, being on the bus or in the car. It´s always time for a quick snap shot.

By chance I came across Printstagram and they have a fun variety of products for printing images from your Instagram flow. I decided on a calendar for 40 US dollar. And about a week later DHL knocked on my door with a neatly wrapped package. Inside were a calendar printed on nice paper and the images look great. Not all of the images are master pieces but I am more to blame for that rather than Printstagram.

I can highly recommend their service. It´s a fun gift for someone. And the calendar is a great way to browse through a ~ year of your iPhone playing around.

Have a look at my Instagram flow if you like.

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  1. Jerry says:

    I can’t find any of my cameras. I am sad.

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