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Ski lift

Ski lift

Not too far away in time.

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8 Responses to Ski lift

  1. Himmel! Jag fick som den där bitande känslan i ansiktet innan man hinner få ner glasögonen och svänga ner i lä i backen.

  2. Rosso says:

    Congratulations to all images in the blog

  3. What an amazing shot. One of these days I’ll have to actually learn to ski and go up a mountain in a ski lift myself. Could happen.

    • 6ft5 says:

      In all honesty, I´m not that good at downhill skiing. I prefer cross country but getting up on a mountain top is always nice :)

  4. flyingwind says:

    Very specific but actually abstract!!Great!!

  5. Steve says:

    great texture on the snow

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