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+Shakuntala Devi It´s time to book your flight to Sweden

+Shakuntala Devi 
It´s time to book your flight to Sweden. Club Fruit&Vegetables are performing in Stockholm December 7th :)


FruktGrönt 7 dec – Södra Teatern
De geniala galenpannorna i Frikstailers är tillbaka, och vi på Södran gör gemensam sak med festivalerna Worldtronics i Berlin och Transmusicales i Rennes: vi förbered …

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3 Responses to +Shakuntala Devi It´s time to book your flight to Sweden

  1. Oh darn! Now why you tell me this darlin' :(
    I have plan ahead of my trip next week to another island. Could you tell them to wait for me and postpone the concert? :)
    Are you going, Goran?

  2. +Shakuntala Devi I won´t now that you´re not coming :( ;)

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