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Resonance – Images from above

Intrigued to see an old image of mine featured on Aminus3!


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5 Responses to Resonance – Images from above

  1. Olga van Saane says:

    which one is yours, +Goran Arvidson ? I was clicking and clicking – really nice gallery, lots of great images… loved the "from the above" series!

  2. Mine is on page 6 in the from above series. It was taken in Bangkok a few years ago and it´s a little boy walking. I thought I linked to that page.

  3. Olga van Saane says:

    Now I can see it, thanks! :) btw, had no clue you were 6ft5.
    It's a great photo, Goran! Very confident indeed :)

  4. Many thanks +Olga van Saane

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