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Pride bikers


Today was the Gay Pride Parade in Stockholm. I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand it´s sad that there has to be a Gay Pride week instead of people being accepted for who they are on a more daily basis. On the other hand it´s fun to see so many people being happy and loved (for the most part) during the parade. It´s also cool to see the huge crowd who comes out to cheer on and enjoy the parade.

A lot of groups in society “comes out” during the parade. There´s Gay and Lesbian doctors. Gay and lesbian Police, Politicians, Smurfs. Etc etc. What makes me happiest and who usually gets huge rounds of applauds are “Proud parents of gay children”.

But. The coolest of them all are always the lesbian bikers!

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3 Responses to Pride bikers

  1. A house four or five doors down from us had a wake this weekend. I’ve never seen so many Harley riding bikers in my life. A lot of them were women. I love women on bikes. So I love this photo. A lot ;-)

    • 6ft5 says:

      Seriously. There´s something special about a lady in high heels that are doing a burn out right outside your door :-)

  2. Clon says:

    I as you am always happy to see “Proud parents of gay children” but I end up with getting soft at the same time and stand there with a tear in my eye.

    There should be a “proud friends” also. This year there was one guy in Securitas uniform with a sign that said proud colleague, did you see him? I applaud him – a lot.

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