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Praise original content and great artistry!

Praise original content and great artistry!

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Circle of  O R I G I N A L  C O N T E N T Creators 

It's Monday, December 2nd, which means it's time for circle sharing. Please re-share this wonderful circle of brilliant photographers and artists. 

As an ORIGINAL CONTENT creator, we thank you for creating art and sharing it with the rest of us. 

Those included in this circle are active creators of original content who also re-share this circle and encourage others to post creative personal work. 

Click on the link that says "Add Circle" to make your Google+ go at Warp Speed. Then, click  on the little right pointing arrow to "Share." 

This Circle is shared every Monday. Those included are our choice. They are NOT automatically added. 

To be considered: 
1- Add the theme page to your circles 
2- Ask to be included in the Original post 
3- Re-share this circle in your stream 
4- You must be a maker of ORIGINAL work 
5- We will check your stream before adding you 

Current Circles

Published Mondays 

Published Wednesdays 
WANT TO BE CIRCLED : http://goo.gl/5IkBBW

Published Thursdays:
WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS : http://goo.gl/mg3vDI
MEN ARE FROM MARS Circle: http://goo.gl/NQ7QYN

Published Fridays 
MOJITO FRIDAY :  http://goo.gl/pnofbT

Published Sundays 
AWESOME PAGES TO FOLLOW : http://goo.gl/em2eXl


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