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Photo used for the artwork on dustmotes – equlibria

equilibria10 Photo used for the artwork on dustmotes   equlibria

One of the many cool aspects of being on twitter is that you can meet and collaborate with people who share your interests. Fernando Mateus is a graphic designer from Lisbon, Portugal. He asked me if he could use one of my images for dustmotes (Paul Crokers’) upcoming album equilibria. I was delighted. I like both Fernando and Pauls work so of course I said Yes!

Here´s the final version. The album is out. It´s released on dusted wax under creative commons so just grab it! Equilibria is a lot of things,it´s full of beats and glitches, vinyl sounds, electronic, ambient and yet groovy.

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5 Responses to Photo used for the artwork on dustmotes – equlibria

  1. Awesome news, congratulations mate!!

  2. Ralph Jones says:

    This is pretty sweet! I am both very happy for you and somewhat jealous. The one thing that I want to do with my photography is to have a CD cover.

  3. Will says:

    Excellent shot and a great collaboration, splendid final result for the album.

    Well done the 6ft 5 man :-)

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