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Photo used for the artwork on dustmotes – equlibria

One of the many cool aspects of being on twitter is that you can meet and collaborate with people who share your interests. Fernando Mateus is a graphic designer from Lisbon, Portugal. He asked me if he could use one of my images for dustmotes (Paul Crokers’) upcoming album equilibria. I was delighted. I like both Fernando and Pauls work so of course I said Yes!

Here´s the final version. The album is out. It´s released on dusted wax under creative commons so just grab it! Equilibria is a lot of things,it´s full of beats and glitches, vinyl sounds, electronic, ambient and yet groovy.

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5 Responses to Photo used for the artwork on dustmotes – equlibria

  1. Awesome news, congratulations mate!!

  2. Ralph Jones says:

    This is pretty sweet! I am both very happy for you and somewhat jealous. The one thing that I want to do with my photography is to have a CD cover.

  3. Will says:

    Excellent shot and a great collaboration, splendid final result for the album.

    Well done the 6ft 5 man :-)

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