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Not sure if this is entirely correct to post here

But. Here´s a collaboration I´ve been working on for 2 years with my colleague, friend and artist Titti Hammarling. We´ve been visiting "Car cemetaries" around Sweden. Titti is a painter and I´m a photographer. This weekend we showed our collab for the first time. It was fun! Great seeing the entire serie together for the first time, hearing, seeing and interacting with people looking at them and even selling a few.
We have three more shows coming up in May, October and November so if you are in Sweden let me know and I´ll send you an invite!

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11 Responses to Not sure if this is entirely correct to post here

  1. Crina Prida says:

    Oh this is a very cool project!! Thanks for sharing it with us, i would like to see more of it.

  2. Thanks +Crina Prida I´ll put some more of them together.

  3. Uwe Duwe says:

    if painting art and photograph not belongs together I understand nothing. At least I steal so much from the painter for my photos :))
    It's for me a great diptych

  4. Jacob Dix says:

    I'm in Stockholm. Where are the shows +Goran Arvidson? Yes, an invite please!

  5. +Jacob Dix May and october in Malmö. November in Stockholm. Send me you email and I´ll be happy to send you an invite as soon as dates are settled. :)

  6. Kim Smith says:

    Looking forward to more! Seems a great collaboration of the Arts!

  7. Thanks for all your kind words. G+ is the place :)
    I was uncertain about the belonging aspect since Titti is not on here. Mixing painting and photography has been great. 

  8. +Jacob Dix consider yourself added :)

  9. Heiko Mahr says:

    Superb concept so congratulations to your success +Goran Arvidson 
    Unfortunately no plans to visit sweden

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