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More fiddling with the Brenizer method.

More fiddling with the Brenizer method.

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7 Responses to More fiddling with the Brenizer method.

  1. kodiak xyza says:

    fiddle… fiddle, not quite a violin! ;)

    how do you like it?
    this seems like a good use for it,
    in terms of bokeh'd subject,
    though the resulting file must be huge!

  2. It´s like ~490 Mb of pixel goodness. Fun and a bit difficult. Try it :)

  3. kodiak xyza says:

    I got plenty of things to do. :P
    while I can enjoy the finer "tricks" in photography,
    they rarely turn me on.
    not sure if pinhole is a trick,
    though I sure try not to make it so,
    but I do enjoy that one:
    everything is in focus,
    and everything is bokeh at the same time :))

  4. For me it was fun to do something different and just focus on the technical aspect for an afternoon :)

  5. kodiak xyza says:

    ah yes…
    the leisure of extra time in the afternoon.
    it is these kind of things that sharpens the talents.
    I have forgotten so much Ps,
    it is not even funny.
    doing some recent processing made me remember some,
    but the next one I want to learn some is InDesign.

  6. Pass the InDesign work on to me and concentrate on other things :)

  7. kodiak xyza says:

    except, it is not about work that needs to be done,
    it is about curiosity and learning of design itself.
    the book made me rather curious.
    so I want to dabble… I mean fiddle about.

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