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Mass storage insanity

Flowers and shadows

A while back I was asked to supply some of my pictures for a client of mine. They want a image bank to be able to sell pictures to their clients. I said yes, of course I´m interested. It´s a good company and to spruce up my visibility and the abilitity to sell more pictures is good.
Last night I was taken a back some. And then some. I started sorting through 22046 pictures!! That is totally fuckin obscene, to say the least. 22046! Twenty two thousand forty six pictures. Taken during the last 8 years. How did that happen?

So far I´ve come up with 120 pictures to submit. I still have about 6 thousand to sort through. I need Bolivian Marching Powder or Duracell batteries, no wait, I forgot. I can´t even drink coffee at late hours any more. Coffee has been a means of ridicule of others because I could gulp down to double espressos, go straight to bed and sleep like a baby and I would smirk and come up with horrendous remarks at those who couldn´t sleep after a cup of coffee. Then it hit me like a boomerang. I´m one of those now. The coffeeallergicians. *heh*

In order to be able to have a cup after dinner on saturday when I had friends over I caved in and bought decaf. DECAF!!

Seriously, decaf is not so bad 
Listening to: Knocked up – Kings of Leon

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