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Kim Gordons’ Girl in a band

I just finished Kim Gordons’ book Girl in a band and I realized that Sonic Youth has been a part of my playlist rotations since the mid 80s. That´s a pretty long time! I like how they evolved over time and yet stayed true to their Sonic Youth-ness.

Kim Gordons book is a nice read. She seems rather down to earth and tells it like it is. Not too much dirt or gossiping. Just straight forward. The best parts are all those snippets of how life was like in L.A. or in New York. With just a few sentences she manages to take you there. I remember my time spent in New York in the mid 80s and early 90s  and even though I still love New York it was different then and in some ways more creative and energetic. Then again I´m 48 now and not part of a scene as I was, at least partially back then.

Another thing I enjoyed reading about was how she seemed to be in charge of her life in a lot of ways. There are aspects that have had an impact on how she turned out as a person but as an artist and musician she didn´t allow anyone to dictate the rules. Sh writes about not fitting into the stereotypes and not wanting too. And being annoyed about questions on what it´s like to be a girl in a band. In that way I think she is a true role model. Just do what you want to do. Take the space you need. Make sure you are in a creative environment and collaborate with the people who are right for you.

It was also nice to read about how some of the albums came together and work process around making music. A girl in a band is a good piece to add to the hole picture of the world of Sonic Youth. I believe their music will continue to live on for many many years.



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