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JPEG gets a real update

JPEG Standard 9.1 Will Bring 12-Bit Color, Lossless Compression

Will better quality JPEGs take the standard from TIFF and Raw?

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4 Responses to JPEG gets a real update

  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    Haven't read it yet. But my first thought is: How confusing will this be for most people?

  2. +Tim Ferguson Well. Most people just use JPEG anyway, it´ll just be an improvement. Don´t you think?

  3. Tim Ferguson says:

    I foresee people not really understanding the difference between lossless and lossy and having the same file extension only adds to this confusion. (Or will it come with a different file extension?)

    But I'm all for the idea of camera manufacturers using this instead of propriety RAW formats!

  4. IOOI SqAR says:

    Why such a half assed "solution" again? Why don't they extend it to 16 bit per channel right away?

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