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Jämtland up north

I´m up north skiing and recreating a bit. Some work too though. Took about a gazillion photos but left my chords at home so I can´t download and process them, dammit. It was supposed to be snow storms up here but so far it´s crystal clear, bright blue skies and a few below zero. Perfect for skiing. Went to get me some ski wax yesterday but it turned out to be a difficult task. There are about a trillion different kinds nowadays. I stood there for almost an hour trying to figure things out until finally a sales person comes up and asks me if I need help. So now I am the proud owner of some ski wax spray on style. Seems like the skis goes 10 inch forward 12 inch back none the less though.

Took a day trip to Åre this friday (skipped the religious aspects altogether). It´s such a beautiful place! Even though it´s growing by the minute and Audi always presents their latest and most expensive drool-o-rama vehicle at the town square. Nowadays Åre is connecting with the other little villages around that region so you can go up one ski lift down on the other side and for more or less an entire day be in new ski slopes. It feels almost like Aspen (or how I imagine Aspen to be since I haven´t actually been there).

Had a Clam Chowder for lunch at Broken which wasn´t really a Clam Chowder but it was good enough.

I must say that I´m happy about Telias mobile broadband connector. I am in the middle of nowhere (basically) and I do get a fairly speedy connection. The only problem is that the USB-thingy is eating my battery like a mad man. So I´m partly mobile since I do need to be near electricity if I want to stay online for more than roughly 20 minutes.

Tomorrow I´m heading home again, hopefully passing a relative on the way that I haven´t seen in a long time and on wednesday I´ll be going to Gothenburg and hopefully meet up with Dave among other things. Might be a hectic 24 hours, but fun!

Picture above has nothing to do with Jämtland or anything, it was taken in Nacka outside Stockholm but it was what I had available.

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