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Inspiration from Mabry Campbell

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Read and learn :)

Reshared post from +Mabry Campbell

A Road To Fine Art ›› Molten Lake Point

Recently I have received numerous requests across social media and different blogs asking "How did you do this?" and "Can I see your RAW file?". In the past I have been reluctant to show this information, but it is not the past anymore! I am happy to share my RAW files and the image progressions with everyone. It is not a secret that I use the iSGM technique developed by +Joel Tjintjelaar. Visit his website ( for step-by-step tutorials, books and architectural workshops. So here is my first image progression (RAW file shot with +Vision Explorers Chicago workshop) with some basic technical information on each step that I used to get to my vision of the building. I hope this helps answer some of the questions I have been asked and is informative to some degree to everyone. And I have to say it's fun for me look back at where I started :)).

It should be emphasized that the RAW image was shot with 16 stops of ProStop IRND filters by +Formatt-Hitech  (270 seconds of exposure time) and still there is very little color cast with great detail. Why is this important? Because accurate color leads to more effective black and white conversion. Additionally, with proper color separation throughout the image, the selections process is more efficient and more accurate, all leading to a final image with strong building presence. Enjoy!

My original post of this image so you can see it larger:


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