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Hope everyone is having a great summer

I have a wish if any of you are willing to help.

In december I started a new job. I am now a headhunter. It suits for the most part. When things are settling in a bit more it will give me time to work on my images. I am also keeping some of my clients and am continuing working with graphic design and their web precense et al.

It´s been a hectic time since december and I´m starting to feel like all my images are really boring. Like I´m taking the same images over and over again.

Would any of you fine people be willing to give me an "assignment"? I´m content at looking at images on G+ and elsewhere but need a push. And I think the idea of someone else saying -Take an image of … using ( ) technique or something to that extent would be a fun challenge.

What are the obstacles you´re dealing with in your photography? Pass it on please! :)

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3 Responses to Hope everyone is having a great summer

  1. Crina Prida says:

    feeling a bit in a creative block myself – hope you are past this moment by the time I post this…

  2. +Crina Prida pretty much the same I'm afraid. Just need to wait it out I guess :)

  3. Crina Prida says:

    I hear you – but I am sure it will pass, there is no other way :)

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