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Good evening!

A selfie is needed on a sunday night. Motion blur makes my mouth look twice as big as Steven Tylers, double exposure, iPhone shot and edited.

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7 Responses to Good evening!

  1. Crina Prida says:

    Especially around Halloween! :)
    Very creative as I expected from you:)

  2. Good morning +Crina Prida just trying hard to keep up with the standards here in this group :)

  3. Crina Prida says:

    Just made a comment a minute ago on +Thorsten von Eyb 's recent entry; this community has grown into everything I had hoped for and beyond; creativity is the key and frankly, at the risk of sounding snobbish, I doubt it any mediocre photog would join, because aside photographing, this concept group requires thinking and surely less of an 'ego'…
    Beautiful image, must find a double exp app for Android.

  4. :) it is a great community! Just creativity and fun. No drama added. Very much appreciated!

  5. Crina Prida says:

    I hate drama in photo communities, really kills the initial purpose :-)

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