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Fun that #CurvyFriday  and #FoggyFriday   are back!

Fun that #CurvyFriday  and #FoggyFriday   are back!

Reshared post from +Lorena Masi

The Resurrection Of #CurvyFriday   and #FoggyFriday    2013

Many have asked myself and +Peter From  about our discontinued themes #CurvyFriday  and #FoggyFriday    so we have decided to dust 'em up and revive both!

All you have to do is to tag your foggy and/or curvy pictures with #CurvyFriday    – Curated by +Lorena Masi  and +Peter From  /or #FoggyFriday   – Curated by +Peter From and +Lorena Masi  and you're done.

We will check the submissions and reshare the best image (in our humble, very humble, opinion) in our personal feeds once a week.

Have fun and start tagging! And… Feel free to help spreading the word by resharing… :)



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