Face it! I want to look like him in that image

-I want to look like him in that image. Said I to the hairdresser. The hairdresser looked at me mildly disdained for a rather long time and then he said. -That´s impossible with your hair type!

Where is the identity located?
Can you swith identity easily by changing haristyle? We remember being young at the hair dressers wanted to look cool. Like David Bowie in orange hair but always leaving the place with something blend and practical

A collaboration between Göran Arvidson & Mats I Johansson

Mats I Johansson Artist born 1961 and grew up in the south of Stockholm. Chooses media to suit the project but works mainly with paint, brushes and pens and paper. Mixes a serious take on the world around him with a great sense of humour.

Göran Arvidson Photographer born 1967 and grew up in Stockholm. Works with his own artistic projects and as a photographer and graphic designer in his own company Gef Design. He likes to travel and sometimes when he does he changes into someone else.

House of Hairdressers

A former gallery turned into gallery and hair salon. Every 6 weeks there´s a new exhibit coming up.

The exhibit can be viewed from october 8 through november 17.


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