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I shop therefore I am

Got back after an intense and exciting week in Egypt. Visited Cairo, Hurghada and Luxor. As much as I like Cairo and was surprised by its niceness I must say that Hurghada was not my favorite spot. Sure the water was fantastic but there is something weird about a place made up solely for tourists. A place where the local people works in tourism, hardly have a beach to visit should they get a day off from work because all properties have been bought by hotels.

Seeing all this great historian places was overwhelming and a bit mind boggling. I had to go superficial and post a picture taken at the market in Cairo.

3 Responses
  • Kevin Spencer
    December 1, 2009

    Love the photo. And would love to see others you took while on your trip sir.

  • Will
    March 19, 2010

    Hi Goran,

    Was just going through your older blog posts and found this shot, really wonderful travel moment, the woman with the load on her head and the bags hanging up on the store wall….I want to travel again soon.

    Seems like you travel a lot, lucky man.


    • 6ft5
      March 19, 2010

      Hi Will! Hope all is well with you. Thanks for your comment. Periodically I get to travel a lot. I seem to have an incurable travel bug that always wants to travel more though :)

      Do you have any travel plans in the making?

      Noticed that a lot of links were broken since my move to the new hotel, Should you be in the vicinity again there should be actual images and not just white holes now :)

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