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Diamanda Galás

Diamanda Galás

If I were to spend time explaining to imbeciles
why my music isn’t blasphemous, I wouldn’t
have time to make more blasphemous music.

Last nights show with Diamanda Galás at Södra Teatern was fantastic. It amazes me to no end that her voice is still that powerful after a, by now pretty long career. So given that she must be _29_ now, that´s quite something. On another note, I´ve learned that a womans best age are the ten years between 29 and 30.

The concert had a rather big range. Ranging from Ter Vogormia (Lord have mercy) – From the Armenian liturgy to 25 minutes to go by Shel Silverstein (the one Jonny Cash would sing) which came out in a jazz-blues hybrid with lots of staccato.

Madame Galás was given standing ovations by a pretty diverse crowd and she seemed genuinely touched by that.

She´s famous for being angry, political and having a voice that ranges over 3 octaves but I also felt like she´s a person with a great sense of humor.

Seeing a performance like that is is powerful. You get all wound up and somehow very tired too. There´s so much energy flooding.

I will see her the next chance I´ll get. Never got around to it before even though I´ve played her albums for over 20 years (not constantly) and enjoyed her screams in Dracula and Natural Born Killers.

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  • Kevin Spencer
    May 7, 2009

    I got into Diamanda Galás when I heard the You Must Be Certain Of The Devil album. A bit “rockier” than her other albums but still good. I just realized that I don’t have any of her albums in my iTunes collection. And to think my CDs are still packed up in boxes, when unpacked I think I have some ripping ahead of me.

    • 6ft5
      May 7, 2009

      I don´t have anything in my iTunes library either. She´s someone that sort of comes and goes in the playlist. It was a bit of a spur of moment thing going to see her but I´m very glad I did.

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