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Dan Allen´s Final Cut Pro X tutorials

Dan Allen´s Final Cut Pro X tutorials

Reshared post from +Steven Carlin

Dan Allen's Final Cut Pro X tutorials

1. Auditioning Clips
2. Color Correcting / Grading
3. Precision Editor
4. Working with Gap Media
5. Working with Audio
6. Transform / Crop / Distort Tools
7. Keywords / Smart Collections
8. Importing Media + Keywords
9. Compound Clips
10. Blend Modes / Layer Styles
11. Transitions + Video Keyframes
12. Blade Tool / Splitting Clips
13. Creating Stills / Freeze Frames
14. Creating a Muzzle Flash [Part 1]
15. Creating Titles & Text
16. Creating a Muzzle Flash [Part 2]
17. Exporting / Sending to Compressor
19. Secondary Color Corrections
20. Anmorphic Widescreen + Letterboxing
21. Sub-clipping and Favourites
22. Burning a DVD
23. How to use 2 Monitors
24. Motion Stabilization / smoothing
25. Vignetting
26. Green Screen / Chroma Key
27. Censorship blur / pixelation
28. Duplicating Projects / Sequences
29. Media Management using Disk Images
30. Custom Sound Equalization
31. Sound Corrections / Enhancements
32. Advanced Tutorial
33. Adjusting Clip Connections
34. Time Remapping / Optical Flow / Adjusting Title entrances
35. Multi-Cam in 10.0.3
36. Adjustment layers and fliters
37. Cutting Music Video / Workflows using Multi-Cam
38. How to import just audio or video into your Storyline
39. How to fill blank audio channels / Stereo to mono conversion
40. Advanced Title Creation

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4 Responses
  • Steven Carlin
    April 26, 2012

    Thanks for the share +Goran Arvidson.

  • Goran Arvidson
    April 26, 2012

    +Steven Carlin It was a great find. I´ve just started out with Final Cut Pro X and I need all the input I can get :)

  • Steven Carlin
    April 26, 2012

    +Goran Arvidson I bought FCPX at release, but so far have only used it for trimming and basic sound correction. However, my company has just employed a film student on an internship, so I'm taking the tutorials to understand more of what he will be doing.

  • Goran Arvidson
    April 26, 2012

    +Steven Carlin I´m making short movies for two of my clients (easy pieces) and like the new medium (for me). It is however lots to learn. With FCPX it is both easy and a steep curve for doing things properly.

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