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I´ve neglected this blog for so long it´s just horrible! Anyways. I started a new career in late december and it´s going well. Been trying out the Canon EOS 5D MK3 and it´s better than the MK2, especially the auto focus. I´m really happy with it but need to work more with it to be able to write a more proper review. If ever …

Been uploading images to my Google+ check me out there if you like. I like the atmosphere there, it´s nicer and in many ways like Twitter were before. There´s also a lot of photography oriented people on Google+ so there´s inspiration to be had.

Traveled to Chicago and then on to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal in june. Still sorting through all those images. It was an amazing trip! Will try to make a decent post about that to.

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  1. Jerry says:

    You’re going to have ALL the careers before you’re done.

  2. I hope you keep posting some things to Flickr too. I hear good things about the Google+ photography community. Maybe I’ll start posting some of mine over there, maybe I’ve found a use for Google+ at last ;-)

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