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Broken Sonata

created  by +Crina Prida 
A diptych and a random encounter. I´m honored to be chosen!

Reshared post from +Crina Prida

Broken Sonata

A new installment in my Random Encounters experiment. This time, my collaborator is mr. +Goran Arvidson – with his image on the left side; mine was shot with a Smena camera on Foma film.

Thank you, Goran!

#randomencounter #diptych

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4 Responses to Broken Sonata

  1. Crina Prida says:

    I would like to comment with a piano piece, but I am useless with music:). Thanks for taking part in my experiment!

  2. Do you have a specific piece in mind? +Crina Prida

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