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Because Monochrome is fine art, right there

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Do come and join the fun!

Reshared post from +Robert SKREINER

+10000 Photographers BW Monochrome ► ❶st Contest
by +Robert SKREINER & +Joel Tjintjelaar 
  & +Heimo MAUSER & +Gemma Costa 
Theme: Your „Top BW Monochrome Photos“

Contest Rules & Conditions:
● Sign in to the Contest with a short comment!
Please share this ►❶st Contest Invitation ( Condition! )
Please add +10000 Photographers BW Monochrome to your circles
Please add the curators:
    +Robert SKREINER & +Joel Tjintjelaar 
   & +Heimo MAUSER  & +Gemma Costa 
   to your circles and you will be also added.
● Photos must be your own photos and work!
Max 10 Photos per participating Photographer
● Photos must be uploaded to this ❶st Contest–Page
● Post a short own comment to your photos.
● You can also give +1 to your own photos!
● Please be fair and comment also to other photos!
● Please invite your Google+ Friends and Followers.
● Don't delete the automatically shared Contest Photos
   in your stream! So you will get more +1

The best ►BW Monochrome Photos◄ will be shared
also at the Page: +10000 Photographers BW Monochrome 

The 3 ►TOP Photos◄ of the Winners will be shared also
in the stream of +Robert SKREINER 

All participating Photographers will be included in 
a public shared ❶st Contest Circle of
+10000 Photographers BW Monochrome 
& +Robert SKREINER & +Joel Tjintjelaar 
& +Heimo MAUSER   & +Gemma Costa 

The final decision about the winners is made by
an international and independent jury.


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