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At the office after the Cars exhibit

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5 Responses to At the office after the Cars exhibit

  1. +DEVI MATAHARI Thank you! I am very happy working here :)

  2. The inside reminds me like inside adobe houses where the Amaerican Indian lives. The shape and architecture here so solar to them.
    You are lucky to have a job. i have been jobless for almost 4 years! Phew!

  3. +DEVI MATAHARI Sorry to hear that :( 4 years is a long time. With your talent it seems strange

  4. Yeah, I know. Beause I have no choice. I lived in the States 25 years as a dance teacher and some social work.
    Back to Indo because my mom was very sick. Took care of her, until finally she died late last year.
    Anyway, i have no job but my life still pretty good. Works a lot on volunteer with Red Cross and doing charity work for kids education. And other than that, traveling and find new places to shoot some pictures :)
    Oh, and I have 30 cats and 3 dogs at home. That I will call myswlf i have full time job! Ha ha

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